Our People

Professional Staff

Amy Fox Bothwell(860) 240-1072Business LawEmail
Elizabeth A. Hickey(860) 240-1103Individual Client ServicesEmail
Sharon M. Jagel(860) 240-1159Commercial Real EstateEmail
Patricia L. Johnson(203) 401-6155Individual Client ServicesEmail
Andrea A. Nicolas(860) 240-1025Individual Client ServicesEmail
Linda A. Rubes(860) 240-1171Business Law & Nonprofit OrganizationsEmail
Charlene M. Spaar(860) 240-1139LitigationEmail
Jeanne M. Thor(860) 240-1161Individual Client ServicesEmail
Professional Staff
Barbara M. Bengtson(860) 240-1093Accounting ManagerEmail
Susan D. Gove(860) 240-1070Administrative ManagerEmail
Bruce C. Lyon(860) 240-1064Director of AdministrationEmail
Douglas R. Michalek(860) 240-1143Records ManagerEmail
Carrie L. Samperi(860) 240-1008Marketing ManagerEmail
Julie A. Traczyk(860) 240-1017IT ManagerEmail
Fiduciary Services
Kelly A. de Haas(860) 240-1039Trust AdministratorEmail
David L. Sullivan(860) 240-1022Fiduciary Services ManagerEmail

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