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John Bashaw Presents at Conference: Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization Conference

John Bashaw, a member of the firm's Environmental and Litigation Practice Areas, spoke at the Third Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization Conference.  The conference was sponsored by Northeastern University and the Harvard School of Public Health.  Sustainable nanotechnology is the development and deployment of nanomaterials in a manner that preserves the environment, protects human health and has no adverse impact on biological organisms or the economy.  John participated on a two person panel that discussed the legal risks associated with the use and manufacture of nanomaterials.  Nanomaterials are extremely small engineered particles that are used to enhance many existing technologies.  However, the toxicology associated with these materials is often uncertain, as is the harm caused by the release of such materials to the environment.  The full conference was held from November 2 - 4 and it attracted experts from around the world.

Monday, November 3, 2014
Boston, MA

For more information, please contact John at (860) 240-1053 or jbashaw@rrlawpc.com or visit http://susnano.org/conferenceOverview2014.html.