Our People


Reid and Riege attorneys have knowledge that spans across multiple practice areas. Since each client's situation is unique, attorneys from different practice areas are assembled so they can work together as a team offering the best cross section of experience. This allows our attorneys to provide effective counseling and customized legal solutions to the needs of specific clients.

Greg R. Barringer(203) 401-6144StockholderEmailvCard
John R. Bashaw(860) 240-1053StockholderEmailvCard
Suzanne S. Bocchini(860) 240-1030Of CounselEmailvCard
Katilee M. Boisvert(860) 240-1063AssociateEmailvCard
Adam T. Boston(860) 240-1023StockholderEmailvCard
Karen L. Brand(860) 240-1089StockholderEmailvCard
Brendan J. Butler(860) 240-1015AssociateEmailvCard
John Paul Callahan(860) 240-1069AssociateEmailvCard
Brittany L. Christensen(860) 240-1018AssociateEmailvCard
Kathleen M. Coss(860) 240-1035AssociateEmailvCard
Thomas V. Daily(860) 240-1067Management CommitteeEmailvCard
Kelly A. de Haas(860) 240-1039Trust AdministratorEmailvCard
Louis J. Donofrio(860) 240-1042StockholderEmailvCard
Kevin G. Ferrigno(860) 240-1051Of CounselEmailvCard
Charles J. Filardi Jr.(860) 240-1090Of CounselEmailvCard
Pamela B. Fleming(860) 240-1078Of CounselEmailvCard
Maya L. Frazier(860) 240-1066AssociateEmailvCard
Dominic Fulco III(860) 240-1031StockholderEmailvCard
John R. Ivimey(860) 240-1062Management CommitteeEmailvCard
John J. Jacobson(860) 240-1006StockholderEmailvCard
Patricia Jimenez(860) 240-1136AssociateEmailvCard
Thomas R. Kasper(860) 240-1084Management CommitteeEmailvCard
Douglas K. Knight(860) 240-1028Management CommitteeEmailvCard
Ronald John Koniuta(860) 240-1034Of CounselEmailvCard
Kaitlyn S. Lagassey(860) 240-1036AssociateEmailvCard
Agnes R. Larson(860) 240-1088AssociateEmailvCard
Eileen M. Marks(860) 240-1050Of CounselEmailvCard
Earl F. McMahon(860) 240-1016StockholderEmailvCard
Mary Mintel Miller(860) 240-1059StockholderEmailvCard
Robert M. Mulé(860) 240-1010StockholderEmailvCard
Frederick J. Mullen Jr.(860) 240-1048StockholderEmailvCard
Jon P. Newton(860) 240-1090PresidentEmailvCard
Brian O'Donnell(860) 240-1012StockholderEmailvCard
Cathryn A. Reynolds(860) 240-1019StockholderEmailvCard
Adam Carter Rose(860) 240-1065StockholderEmailvCard
Mark X. Ryan(860) 240-1056StockholderEmailvCard
Carrie L. Samperi(860) 240-1008Marketing ManagerEmailvCard
Sydney H. Souder(860) 240-1086AssociateEmailvCard
David L. Sullivan(860) 240-1022Fiduciary Services ManagerEmailvCard
Craig L. Sylvester(860) 240-1032Of CounselEmailvCard
Barbara A. Taylor(860) 240-1033StockholderEmailvCard
Lori L. Underberger(860) 240-1075Of CounselEmailvCard

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