Our People


Each client's situation is unique so our attorneys work together as a team, offering the best cross section of experience based on the nature of the representation. As a team, our attorneys provide effective counseling and customized legal solutions for each client in an efficient manner.

Greg R. Barringer(203) 401-6144StockholderEmailvCard
John R. Bashaw(860) 240-1053StockholderEmailvCard
Adam T. Boston(860) 240-1023StockholderEmailvCard
Karen L. Brand(860) 240-1089StockholderEmailvCard
Brendan J. Butler(860) 240-1015AssociateEmailvCard
John Paul Callahan(860) 240-1069AssociateEmailvCard
Kathleen M. Coss(860) 240-1035AssociateEmailvCard
Thomas V. Daily(860) 240-1067Stockholder & Management CommitteeEmailvCard
Kelly A. de Haas(860) 240-1039Trust AdministratorEmailvCard
Louis J. Donofrio(860) 240-1042StockholderEmailvCard
Charles J. Filardi Jr.(860) 240-1090Of CounselEmailvCard
Pamela B. Fleming(860) 240-1078Of CounselEmailvCard
Maya L. Frazier(860) 240-1066AssociateEmailvCard
Dominic Fulco III(860) 240-1031StockholderEmailvCard
John R. Ivimey(860) 240-1062Stockholder & Management CommitteeEmailvCard
John J. Jacobson(860) 240-1006StockholderEmailvCard
Thomas R. Kasper(860) 240-1084Stockholder & Management CommitteeEmailvCard
Sydney Souder Kislin(860) 240-1086AssociateEmailvCard
Douglas K. Knight(860) 240-1028Stockholder & Management CommitteeEmailvCard
Ronald John Koniuta(860) 240-1034Senior CounselEmailvCard
Kaitlyn S. Lagassey(860) 240-1036AssociateEmailvCard
Agnes R. Larson(860) 240-1088AssociateEmailvCard
Earl F. McMahon(860) 240-1016StockholderEmailvCard
Mary Mintel Miller(860) 240-1059StockholderEmailvCard
Robert M. Mulé(860) 240-1010StockholderEmailvCard
Frederick J. Mullen Jr.(860) 240-1048StockholderEmailvCard
Jon P. Newton(860) 240-1090Stockholder & PresidentEmailvCard
Brian O'Donnell(860) 240-1012StockholderEmailvCard
Cathryn A. Reynolds(860) 240-1019StockholderEmailvCard
Adam Carter Rose(860) 240-1065StockholderEmailvCard
Mark X. Ryan(860) 240-1056StockholderEmailvCard
Carrie L. Samperi(860) 240-1008Marketing ManagerEmailvCard
David L. Sullivan, CTFA(860) 240-1022Fiduciary Services ManagerEmailvCard
Barbara A. Taylor(860) 240-1033StockholderEmailvCard
Lori L. Underberger(860) 240-1075Of CounselEmailvCard

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