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Each client's situation is unique, so our attorneys work together as a team offering the best cross section of experience based on the nature of the representation. As a team, our attorneys provide effective counseling and customized legal solutions for each client in an efficient manner.

Read More Brendan J. Butler
Brendan J. Butler
Read More John Paul  Callahan
John Paul Callahan
Read More Natalie  Carpenter
Natalie Carpenter
Read More Thomas V. Daily
Thomas V. Daily
Read More Amy B. de Lannoy
Amy B. de Lannoy
Read More Louis J. Donofrio
Louis J. Donofrio
Read More Pamela B. Fleming
Pamela B. Fleming
Read More Dominic  Fulco III
Dominic Fulco III
Read More Gregory M. Gagne
Gregory M. Gagne
Read More Gina M. Geary
Gina M. Geary
Read More John R. Ivimey
John R. Ivimey
Read More Thomas R. Kasper
Thomas R. Kasper
Read More Sydney S. Kislin
Sydney S. Kislin
Read More Douglas K. Knight
Douglas K. Knight
Read More Kaitlyn S. Lagassey
Kaitlyn S. Lagassey
Read More Ingi-Mai  Loorand
Ingi-Mai Loorand
Read More Mary Mintel Miller
Mary Mintel Miller
Read More Katherine E. Mulry
Katherine E. Mulry
Read More Jon P. Newton
Jon P. Newton
Read More Brian  O'Donnell
Brian O'Donnell
Read More Olivia R. Perry
Olivia R. Perry
Read More Meredith G. Remigino
Meredith G. Remigino
Read More Cathryn A. Reynolds
Cathryn A. Reynolds
Read More Adam Carter  Rose
Adam Carter Rose
Read More Mark X. Ryan
Mark X. Ryan
Read More Barbara A. Taylor
Barbara A. Taylor
Read More Lori L. Underberger
Lori L. Underberger
Read More Breana C. Vessichio
Breana C. Vessichio
Read More Colin T. Wrinn
Colin T. Wrinn

Read MoreFrederick J. Mullen Jr.
Frederick J. Mullen Jr.


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