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Gregory M. Gagne
We assist military members in all branches of service all across the world, and we are willing to travel anywhere to do so. We offer clients long-term military lawyer experience and independent and aggressive advocacy as civilian attorneys.

If you are facing a court-martial, nonjudicial punishment action, or administrative proceeding, choosing a civilian lawyer can make all the difference. As civilian military lawyers, we have independence to pursue justice when representing clients. We can be aggressive without fear of reprisal. And, the military may treat a case differently if it knows it has to go up against respected and tough civilian counsel.

We have extensive training in advanced trial skills and have received the highest level of training available to senior defense counsel in the Air Force. We are able to build upon that knowledge with ongoing civilian training in federal, state, and military law. We have experience and training in forensics, including toxicology, computer forensics, DNA, blood spatter, pathology, polygraphs, fingerprints, psychology, and neuropsychology. This means that if an expert is needed for your case, we do not need to learn the field from scratch. We also have an established network of experts we can draw from to assist with your case. More importantly, we know how to cross-examine experts hired to testify against you. Because of this, we have been able to win many victories for clients.

We have built an outstanding record defending military members, and we want to help you with your case.

Our record includes:
  • Representing clients charged with crimes such as military sexual assault, homicide and attempted homicide, adultery, desertion, absence without leave (AWOL), fraud, larceny, DUI, and drug use
  • Representing clients in administrative proceedings such as discharge boards, boards of inquiry, medical credentialing actions, and flying evaluation boards
  • Gaining acquittals at multiple courts-martial
  • Challenging police misconduct
  • Challenging confessions and interrogations
  • Spotting false or coerced confessions
  • Challenging faulty witness memory and identifications
  • Employing and cross-examining forensic testimony
  • And most importantly, protecting our clients’ rights
  • Adverse Administrative Actions
  • Computer Crimes
  • Court-martial
  • Drug Charges
  • Fraud & Larceny
  • Sexual Assault
  • Violent Crimes
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Gregory M. Gagne